About Indian Administrative Service:


Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is the Civil Services Examination and one of the hardest competition exams in India. This exam conducted by the Union Public Service Commission for the recruit of officers for the All India Administrative services. It is a one of services from all 24 services like IPS, IFS etc. Selected officer having a very important in Indian government bureaucracy like DM, District Collector, Secretory etc

….. How to become IAS officer :

Indian Administrative Service popularly known as IAS. IAS exam is also called Civil services exam which is conducted by UPSC. This exam conducted in Three stage – PRE, MAIN, Interview.So this makes IAS Exam preparation very tuff. To become IAS Officer one should pass all these three stages of selection with good marks.The duration of exam is 1 year.

….. Before start study for IAS Exam, this 5 character of student should keep in mind –

काक चेष्टा, बको ध्यानं, स्वान निद्रा तथैव

अल्पहारी, गृहत्यागी,विद्यार्थी पंच लक्षणं ।।

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